RoundRobin #18
Participants: Debbie D. (Group Leader) * Lori S. * Diane J. * Katie V. * Skye W.
Last Modified: Sunday, October 22, 2000 06:22:21 PM -0400

This is the eighteenth roundrobin group formed on Maus's Tatted RoundRobins website! Maus said we are the seventh roundrobin group to be formed so far this year! WOW! This will be a shuttle-tatted, USA only, 5-person roundrobin of advanced and medium level tatters. Our thread choices are white/ecru or color and our thread of choice should lie between 10 and 40 in thickness, not finer. Our group was formed on March 20, 2000.

NOTE: Photos will be added along with their corresponding patterns as they become available...

Debbie's Doily (round 4)
current size: 8 inches
Debbie D. (Idaho)
Detailed Enlargements:
Center - by Debbie
Rnd 2 - by Lori
Rnd 3 - by Diane
<==PHOTO Rnd 4 - by Katie (updated Sept 5)
Rnd 5 - nearing completion
Pattern - updated as available
Lori's Doily (round 3)
current size: 5" x 5-1/2"
Lori S. (Montana)
Detailed Enlargements:
Center - by Lori
Rnd 2 - by Diane
<==PHOTO Rnd 3 - by Katie (updated Aug 7)
Rnd 4 - nearing completion
Rnd 5
Pattern - updated as available
Diane's Doily (round 5 - finished!)
"Dusty Rose"
finished size: 12-1/2 in. x 10 in.
Diane J. (Ohio)
Detailed Enlargements:
Center - by Diane
Rnd 2 - by Katie
Rnd 3 - by Skye
Rnd 4 - by Debbie
<==PHOTO Rnd 5 - by Lori
Pattern - updates coming soon!
Katie's Doily (round 5 - finished!)
"Star Struck"
finished size: 8 inches
Katie V. (Florida)
Detailed Enlargements:
Center - by Katie
Rnd 2 - by Skye
Rnd 3 - by Debbie
Rnd 4 - by Lori
<==PHOTO Rnd 5 - by Diane
Pattern - updates coming soon!
Skye's Doily (round 5 - finished!)
finished size: 8-1/2 inches
Skye W. (Virginia)
Detailed Enlargements:
Center - by Skye
Rnd 2 - by Debbie
Rnd 3 - by Lori
Rnd 4 - by Diane
<==PHOTO Rnd 5 - by Katie
Pattern - updates coming soon!

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